Looking at the benefits of running an assessment day we have come to conclusion that they can really add value for both parties involved both the business and the candidates taking part.

Assessment days are designed to assess the candidates in different environments so they can show case their different skills and personal attributes, this will show them in a different light rather than a standard recruitment process. For example clients are able to set different exercises such as role plays’ that showcase how the candidate would handle a situation rather than implying the experience they have had within a role or previously. This is a massive insight for the business when reviewing an applicant as it can show them in an operational environment.

Some clients believe it is an important benefit to buddy up an applicant with a team member to get a more complete feel of what they will be doing in the role if they are successful. This showcases exactly what the job role will involve but mostly indicates if they would be able to fit into the current team by showcasing their personality. As personality fit with the current team is a massive consideration for any client.

Additional thought needs to be given to the lower costs that are involved in running an assessment day. Obviously more candidates are able to attend at once which can keep costs down and any operational impact on the business to a minimum. In addition, the business is able to complete a selective process out of the attending candidates immediately after the process. Very time effective all round.

Running assessment days is also a great way to promote the business even if the candidates are not successful as it paints the company in a different light due to increased insight given of the company in an informal environment.

Most importantly it showcases performance and quickly you can see the strongest and the weakest candidates on the day, which narrows down the field for a reliable/fair process for all the candidates. Candidates who do not get involved with group activities have shown their confidence skills may not be as strong as the others who are involved and putting their ideas forward. Initially if the candidates have similar experience/quality on paper this is a true reflection to the candidate. This is also of massive benefit to the client.

From a candidate perspective assessment days are ideal as they give a more personal viewpoint of the company. It shows a more positive outlook and fun side to the company, as everyone gets involved from team leaders to managers to recruitment teams. Candidates get more of a warm feel towards the company they might be joining and getting a real feel for what their role will involve. Allowing the candidates to be shown around on a tour and also having one to one talks with employees is always beneficial. Some assessment days may seem full on but in the long run generally create a really positive outlook for everyone involved. It gives candidates the opportunity to come out of their shell and get involved, not just having a standard interview with competency-based questions and pre-loaded answers.

In conclusion, overall the benefits of the running an assessment day is something that our clients have found to be much more efficient and successful than using a standard recruitment process.