Executive Recruitment Services

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Executive Recruitment

Ensuring that you have the best people in the right position to lead your business is the #1 priority for most CEO’s. Having that perfect team in place means your company is in safe hands and the execution of hiring that team is vitally important. Having the right executive team will fundamentally make the business a success and as such cannot be left to chance. Whether its the CFO running the finances of the business or your Customer Service Director managing every touch point between your company and your customers, the right person in place is pivotal.

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Identifying, engaging and assessing executive candidates is an art and CCA’s Executive Services team are perfectly positioned to support clients in making these pivotal hires. Our Executive Services Team have an extensive network of leaders across their specialist field and in turn have experience of delivering hundreds of leadership recruitment appointments.

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CCA Executive Services work in partnership with our clients from the conception of the leadership requirement. It is through the understanding of the strategic objectives of the organisation and the specific impact the leader is required to make that we are able to create the ideal solution best tailored to our client’s requirement. Our clients are unique and the solution we create has to match those clients.

Our Executive Recruitment solutions often include a combination of the following approaches to ensure the campaign requirements are delivered:

  • Organisational Research
  • Candidate Mapping
  • Executive Search
  • Advertised Selection
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Psychometric Evaluation
  • Employer Branding & Reputational Advice
  • Interim Leadership

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