Interim Management Solutions

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Interim Management Solutions

There are numerous situations in business creating the need to have flexibility in your workforce. Whether you require a specific programme of work being delivered or a rapid change in the permanent make up of your team that requires covering and interim manager is often the required solution. CCA Recruitment understand that when an interim manager is needed it can often be a frantic time and we aim to make the interim recruitment and on-boarding process a stress free experience enabling you to focus on your business.

The quality and depth of our interim capability is driven by our expertise in matching the ideal interim manager to your requirement and also the high level of engagement we create with our contractor base meaning that our interims are always highly motivated to deliver to our clients.

To ensure the very highest in capability CCA run a consistent “bench” of contractors who are vetted and referenced by our specialist interim consultants. Often our contractors have delivered numerous assignments on behalf of CCA and work in true partnership with us and our clients.

Depending on your usage and dependence on contract resources CCA can provide tailored to your needs.

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On Demand

Our on Demand service is designed for our clients who have a high usage of contractors. Our On-Demand service couples our screening and verification capability with leading technology meaning our clients can access the very best interim talent at their finger tips.  You input your requirement and your budget and you will have your candidates in seconds.  Once you have chosen your candidates our back office system will manage the whole contractor lifecycle on your behalf.

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For those clients who use contractors infrequently then interim search is likely the best solution for you.  A fully managed offering working in partnership with CCA where we will utilise all of our screening and vetting capability to ensure the right shortlist of candidates to deliver your interim management assignment is presented to you.  We also ensure that the back office elements are made as simplistic as possible for you.

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Temporary Solutions

At certain times there is an immediate need for a temporary resource with specialist skills. Our consultants experienced in turning around requirements in a matter of hours to ensure that your business is not impacted.  Across all of our business areas we are able to provide the rapid response service to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

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