Planning & Analytics

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Planning & Analytics, the unsung heroes division. The Planning & Analytics teams are those who keep call centres running, drive the greatest levels of service whilst not breaking the bank, those who support frontline requests whilst having to ensure that customers are dealt with ASAP!  We salute you.

planning & analyticsBeing the first specialist recruiter of contact centre resource professionals we have worked with a huge number of these unsung heroes and work tirelessly to try and enhance the industry’s capability and reputation.

From Maths and Statistics graduates to Directors keeping the wheels of 10,000 plus workforces turning, talent in the resource planning & contact centre support can be extremely difficult to uncover and engage.  We have an unrivalled network built up over the years and are always innovating ways to uncover the planning talent of the future.

It’s not just resource planning though – our network ranges from RP to Telephony to MI to Customer Insight and Voice Analytics… and everything in between!

Why Us?

Our Network – Resource Planners are very rarely on job boards looking for their next role… We advertise of course – we don’t look a gift horse in the mouth but do we expect a result from advertising?  Nope!  We spend our time pro-actively networking across the industry knowing the right role for candidates may not come up for 2 years… but we make sure we are there when it does.

Our Knowledge – When it comes to knowledge we have worked with clients with support teams of well over 100 to contact centres recruiting their first support analyst… We can solve it whatever the problem from restructuring entire departments to supporting clients, to management development to sourcing the toughest of recruitment assignments.

Our Passion – Not enough is made of our unsung heroes and we are on a mission to change that!  Resource Planners can make and save their salaries ten times over and more in a year… because we are so passionate we take our assignments personally and don’t leave any stone unturned in providing the best to our clients.

Recent Planning & Analytics Assignments

  • Director of Planning – Telecoms – £150k
  • Head of Resource Planning – Financial Services – £120k
  • Head of Strategic Planning – Telecoms – £90k
  • Head of Real-time – FS – £65k
  • Resource Planning Manager – Retail – £60k
  • Resource Planning & MI Manage – Travel – £60k
  • Telephony Manager – Outsourcing – £50k
  • MI Manager – Utilities – £45k
  • Forecasting Analyst – Telecoms – £35k
  • Scheduling analyst – Media – £25k

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