In today’s recruitment market, managing your online presence is as important as having a well structured CV. Checking up on applicants’ social media profiles is becoming routine for many recruiters and employers in today’s call centre recruitment industry. Recruiters say social media helps them gain a more comprehensive picture of a candidate than a simple resume and cover letter. Depending on how they view what they find, an applicant’s online presence can impact on a successful application or job offer. CCA Recruitment Group have pulled today some tips to help you maintain a professional presence online.

Social Sites & Your Job Search
When using social media and online networking tools, realise that your online persona will shape others’ opinions and perceptions of you — personally and professionally. That makes sound judgement and
a smart posting strategy a career essential. Employers may search for you online as part of a standard background check. This includes blogs, Facebook profiles, Twitter updates and other sites. Make sure you like what they find.

Maintain a professional presence

With the basics established, you can take steps to enhance your social presence.

  • Take action – If you find something damaging, try to have it removed.
  • Enhance privacy – Use Facebook privacy settings to ensure that non-employer-friendly data, posts and photos are not viewable on your public profile.
  • Clean up – Regularly review your profile and delete inappropriate posts or photos before they put a job application or your reputation at risk.

Curate & Monitor

Keep track of your image. Questions such as “Are you find-able?” and “Does your branding fit with your target organisation?” are important when managing how you use social media. See where you stand:

  • Google Alerts: Monitors where your name is turning up in searches
  • OnlineID Calculator: Measures the consistency of your personal brand
  • Klout: Assesses your level of social influence

8 tips to remember

As you think about your social presence from a career perspective, these tips will help you to maintain a professional online presence.

  • Remember, what you post online becomes public information. It is no longer under your control.
  • Be strategic about what you share with the world. Consider the long term.
  • Think before you post. Today’s rant, practical joke or flame may come back to haunt you.
  • Think before you pose. Your private video, photo or Snapchat may go public.
  • Regularly review your contacts, circles, friends and followers. They may not be your BFFs.
  • Understand your privacy settings and terms of service. Service providers often change terms.
  • Monitor your name online. Google yourself and set alerts to avoid surprises.
  • Protect your online reputation and create your personal brand. Your future will thank you.