Every business approaches recruitment differently, but as the market shifts, businesses must consider their route to attracting and retaining top talent.

At CCA Recruitment Group, we represent the contact centre functions of industry-leading organisations across multiple areas and whilst the key drivers for recruitment vary, the fundamental challenges are very similar. We’ve found some employers are struggling to both fill jobs and to retain their existing employees. There are straightforward steps you can take, however, that will make your recruitment and retention of employees more successful.


Your recruitment drive

Building a consensus within the business about what you’re trying to achieve, before beginning your recruitment drive is crucial. So first, establish that your internal stakeholders, especially those involved in recruitment, understand what you’re trying to achieve and why.
Consider the challenges being addressed through further recruitment and establish if you all share the same motivations and reasons for wanting to increase the size of your team. Reconciling ‘expectations’ with ‘reality’ can be challenging, so we encourage our clients to be open and consistent from the start.

Also, establish what you are looking for in a potential employee, being mindful of the fact
that although skills can be taught, shared values are something you should look for from the outset. Additionally, candidate behaviours are critical particularly in the contact centre industry – we believe that each facet should be assessed in order to identify suitability.
When you are working with an external recruitment partner, they must understand both the needs of the business and your reasons for recruiting.


Talent acquisition and retention

Several factors influence the attraction and retention of top talent. A good overall benefits package, excellent working conditions, an interesting role and the potential for career progression all make a difference, however, one of the things I would also ask a business is “why should someone join your business and why would you move jobs?”

We’ve found that many candidates seek long term career prospects, rather the seasonal employment with which call centre work is sometimes associated, and are looking for employers who offer a clear career path.

However, there are some factors which prospective employees rate above material gain and shared values are chief amongst them. Having shared values and a shared sense of purpose, beyond making money, helps drive people and companies.

Candidates want employers who are fair, consistent and open with regard to communication, especially when it comes to operational information. Employees would much rather be given honest answers, even when they are negative and we’ve found that especially at challenging times, company transparency is vital in achieving employee retention.


Employee engagement

Your employees are integral to the success

of the organisation. Keeping people at the heart of your business, engaging with them and supporting their growth is fundamental to business success.

A good induction experience and a comprehensive employee development programme will help your employees to meet their objectives, thereby helping the business and having a positive impact on employee retention too.

Workplace innovation also plays a part and it’s not just about technology – giving people the space, time and the tools to drive the business forward is another factor.

Rewarding people appropriately for their role and delivery within the business is also important when it comes to employee retention. Recognising and valuing your employees’ contribution will go a long way to building company loyalty and retaining your employees.


Think long term

At CCA Recruitment Group, we encourage our clients to be brave and base their management decisions on a long-term company philosophy, even at the expense of short-term financial goals. We find that in the current market it’s evident that both candidates and existing employees need a reason to be with you and to work with you for the long term.

Debbie Wilson – Director – CCA Recruitment Group