Frontline Staffing with CCA Recruitment Group

The frontline staff: They’re the faces, voices, and first impressions of your business. Ensuring you have the right team representing your brand is not just crucial; it’s imperative. At CCA Recruitment Group, we recognise the paramount importance of these roles and are dedicated to sourcing the best talent to serve as the face and voice of your organisation.


Typical Roles We Support With


  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Sales Advisors
  • Collections Advisor
  • Claims Advisors
  • Debt Management Consultant
  • Outbound Sales Advisor/Lead Generation Advisor
  • Multi-lingual advisor
  • Technical Support/Helpdesk
  • Content Moderators

Why CCA Recruitment Group

Experience and Understanding: With years of recruitment expertise under our belt, we have an acute understanding of the qualities that make an exceptional frontline staff member. We don’t just look for skills; we seek out personalities, passion, and people who align with your brand’s values.

Tailored Approach: Recognising that every business has its unique ethos and culture, our recruitment process is designed to understand what makes your organisation tick. This ensures the candidates we present will seamlessly integrate into your frontline teams.

Speed without Sacrificing Quality: In the dynamic world of frontline staffing, we appreciate the urgency often involved in filling roles. However, speed never comes at the expense of quality. Our efficient processes guarantee prompt results without compromising on the calibre of candidates.

End-to-End Support: From understanding your needs to post-placement check-ins, our commitment to your satisfaction remains unwavering. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring the success of both the recruits and your organisation.


CCA Recruitment Group stands out in the dynamic world of recruitment with our robust delivery framework for UK and global talent hires. With industry expertise and a commitment to client satisfaction, we identify top-tier talent and guide them seamlessly through the hiring process, ensuring a perfect fit into your organisation. Partnering with us means gaining a dedicated partner in your business's growth and success.

We offer diverse recruitment solutions, catering to niche and broad spectrum roles. Our extensive network and industry expertise enable us to recruit for various disciplines across the Customer Services space, including frontline delivery teams, mid/senior positions, and executive roles. Additionally, we excel in delivering global talent, leveraging our international network to provide the best professionals who align with your business's culture and goals.


 At CCA Recruitment Group, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional candidate experience. Anyone can simply fill vacancies; at CCA we build relationships with our candidates, we understand their aspirations, skills, and preferences. Our team of dedicated consultants ensures personalised support throughout the recruitment process, offering guidance, interview preparation, and career advice. We are committed to finding the perfect role that matches their individual talents and goals, enhancing their career journey and helping them reach their full potential.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to truly understand their businesses, culture, and recruitment needs. By forging strong partnerships, we become an extension of their team, working collaboratively to identify top talent that aligns with their organisation's vision and values. Our dedicated consultants provide strategic insights, market intelligence, and innovative recruitment solutions tailored to their specific requirements. With our unwavering dedication, we deliver exceptional results, helping our clients achieve their growth objectives and drive their success forward.