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In an increasingly globalised economy, acquiring the right talent knows no boundaries. At CCA Recruitment Group, we excel in capturing and delivering global talent to meet your business’s unique needs. Our reach extends beyond the UK, tapping into a vast international talent pool that brings diversity, innovation, and competitive advantage to your organisation.

Our team understands the nuances of international recruitment, leveraging our extensive network and market knowledge to identify, vet, and on-board talent from across the globe. We’re committed to delivering not just a candidate, but a perfect fit – a professional who aligns with your company culture and strategic goals, ready to contribute to your success story from day one.

With CCA Recruitment Group, global talent acquisition is not just a process, but a promise – a promise to provide you with the best talent, wherever they may be. Trust us to help you navigate the world of talent, and together, we’ll drive your business forward.

Why work with CCA Recruitment Group?


Network Reach – our established industry networks and relationships within the call centre markets offer you access to talent not found through direct sourcing methods


Industry Knowledge – our consultants focus on specialist disciplines, providing recruiters with deep market knowledge


Tradition and Technology – we incorporate ‘traditional’ people-focused recruitment with up-to-the-minute multi-media technologies


Reputation – when engaging the call centre market, we respect, value and protect your reputation and brand


Support – we deliver a supportive and professional candidate experience, regardless of outcome


Market Intelligence – the candidate market is in constant flux. We spot these changes first, so you’re always in pole position


Coverage - thanks to our numerous channels-to-market, we already know someone in most organisations within the call centre market to start our networking process


In today’s competitive landscape, having the right executives in key positions is crucial for achieving sustainable growth.

At CCA Recruitment, we specialise in identifying exceptional executive-level candidates who possess the skills, expertise, and vision to lead organisations to success. Our thorough evaluation process ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to you, saving you time and ensuring a seamless recruitment experience.

Let us assist you in securing top-tier executives who will shape the future of your company.


In the fast-paced business world, exceptional leadership is vital to success.

At CCA Recruitment, we recognise the importance of senior-level executives who can steer organisations towards growth and innovation. Our team of experienced consultants excels at identifying visionary leaders who possess the strategic thinking, industry knowledge, and track record of accomplishments to drive your business forward.

Whether you’re seeking a dynamic CEO or a visionary department head, we’re here to connect you with senior-level talent that will elevate your organisation to new heights.

Operational Functions

Efficient operations are the foundation of any successful business.

At CCA Recruitment, we understand the importance of operational excellence and its impact on your bottom line. Our team of experts specialises in sourcing talented professionals with a proven track record in optimising processes, improving productivity, and streamlining operations.

Whether you need an operations manager, logistics expert, or supply chain strategist, we have the network and resources to connect you with exceptional talent that will enhance your operational efficiency and drive business growth.


At CCA Recruitment, we understand the value of front-line employees who form the backbone of any organisation. From customer service representatives to sales executives, we specialise in sourcing top-notch professionals for front-facing roles.

Our extensive network and industry expertise enable us to identify individuals who possess the skills, passion, and drive to excel in these demanding positions.

Let us help you build a team of exceptional frontline talent that will impress and engage your customers.

Talent That Make an Impact

At CCA Recruitment our specialist consultants have worked on hundreds of collaborations across a diverse range of companies and industries.

Delve into our recruitment case studies below to discover how we’ve effectively matched job seekers with our clients’ specific business requirements.

With a track record of nearly 20 years and thousands of satisfied clients and candidates, we prioritise building trusted, strategic partnerships that swiftly and efficiently bolster organisational resources.

Trusted by renowned brands worldwide, our bespoke solutions continually surpass expectations. Join us on this journey of success.

BPO Global Customer Management Client Case Study

BPO Global Customer Management Client Case Study

The requirement  A leading Global Customer Management Client (BPO) wanted to build their solutions & bid team. Their business was re-shaping after some key business wins – and the solutions team were an integral part of moving their sales function forward to...

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Contact Centre Set Up Case Study

Contact Centre Set Up Case Study

The requirement London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham had taken the decision to insource their Residential Repairs Contact Centre from an outsource partner to provide their residents with the highest level of service possible.   Our action With a full...

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R&P Best Practice Benchmark & Transformation Case Study

R&P Best Practice Benchmark & Transformation Case Study

The requirement One of the “Big 6” utilities providers contact centre estate was under-performing against service level and budget delivery. The operational teams blamed inaccurate demand forecasts and resource plans while the resource teams blamed poor adherence to...

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Telco/Media Case Study – Executive hiring

Telco/Media Case Study – Executive hiring

The requirement A FTSE100 Telco/Media organisation were about to commence a restructure of their contact centre leadership team with the hire of a Director of Planning being pivotal to this restructure. The Director of Planning was required to change the organisations...

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Sky Case Study

Sky Case Study

Situation Following the appointment of a new Customer Service Director to lead Sky’s Customer Operations Division, CCA Recruitment Group were requested to provide industry insight and guidance to support the shaping of a new ‘D’ level structure across various...

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NDA Client Case Study

NDA Client Case Study

 Objective: A Global Investment Bank business that was launching a new Digital only consumer banking proposition for Affluent Customers required a partner to support the recruitment of their customer services operation.  Through a long standing relationship with the...

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