Talent that makes an impact

Executive Recruitment at CCA Recruitment

We understand that leadership is the cornerstone of every successful business. Our executive recruitment division is dedicated to identifying and sourcing elite professionals who aren’t just leaders in their field, but visionaries ready to shape the future.

Boutique Approach, Global Reach

While we operate with the sophistication and reach of a global firm, we pride ourselves on our boutique approach to executive recruitment. Every client, every role, and every candidate is unique, and our bespoke recruitment strategies reflect that. We delve deep into understanding the specific needs of each organisation and use our industry insights to match them with executive talents who can drive transformative results.

Services We Offer


  • Executive Search
  • Contingency
  • Interim
  • Benchmarking

Solutions that make an impact

Comprehensive Search Process
With an extensive network and state-of-the-art recruitment tools, our search process is meticulous, comprehensive, and designed to ensure a perfect match. From initial consultation to candidate onboarding, we maintain the highest standards of discretion, ethics, and professionalism.

Partners in Growth
We view ourselves not just as recruiters but as partners in your growth journey. As such, our commitment doesn’t end with a successful placement. We offer continued support to ensure seamless integration of executive talents into your business culture and operations.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, having the right executives in key positions is essential for achieving sustainable growth, maintaining a competitive edge and delighting your customers.

Drive Innovation
At CCA Executive Recruitment, we specialise in sourcing exceptional executive-level candidates who possess the skills, expertise, and vision to lead organisations to success. Our team includes some of the UKs leading contact centre recruitment experts – individuals who each have at least 20 years executive level recruitment experience and are well respected in the industry.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous selection process, which ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to you.
We understand that executive positions require individuals who not only possess the right skill set but also have the ability to inspire, drive innovation, and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

Omni Channel Executive Recruitment

In today’s digital era, the business landscape has been transformed by the rise of omni-channel strategies, seamlessly integrating physical and virtual touchpoints to offer a consistent and unified customer experience. Recognising the pivotal role leadership plays in executing these strategies, our omni-channel executive recruitment is tailored to source leaders adept at navigating the complex matrix of online and offline channels.

We understand the intricacies of omni-channel operations. Our consultants are trained to recognise the unique skill sets required for leadership roles in this arena, from crafting cohesive brand narratives across platforms to leveraging data analytics for personalised customer engagement.


Engage with CCA Recruitment’s omni-channel executive division and ensure your organization is led by visionaries equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the modern business world.

Executive roles we specialise in

We pride ourselves on our ability to source and match top-tier talent for critical executive roles. Our extensive network and industry insight position us to find the best fit for the following positions:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Customer Officer (CCO)
  • Chief People Officer (CPO)

Whether you seek leaders who can shape strategy, drive innovation, or foster corporate culture, we are poised to deliver the exceptional talent your organization needs.

Why work with CCA Recruitment Group?


Network Reach – our established industry networks and relationships within the call centre markets offer you access to talent not found through direct sourcing methods


Industry Knowledge – our consultants focus on specialist disciplines, providing recruiters with deep market knowledge


Tradition and Technology – we incorporate ‘traditional’ people-focused recruitment with up-to-the-minute multi-media technologies


Reputation – when engaging the call centre market, we respect, value and protect your reputation and brand


Support – we deliver a supportive and professional candidate experience, regardless of outcome


Market Intelligence – the candidate market is in constant flux. We spot these changes first, so you’re always in pole position


Coverage – thanks to our numerous channels-to-market, we already know someone in most organisations within the call centre market to start our networking process