The requirement

 A leading Global Customer Management Client (BPO) wanted to build their solutions & bid team.

Their business was re-shaping after some key business wins – and the solutions team were an integral part of moving their sales function forward to attract further business growth



Our action

 Due to the experience and network CCA Recruitment Group have built over the past 18 years and more proactively over the last 18 months – our client asked us to engage on this exclusive project to work in in partners and agreed to deliver the following:

  • Client Mapping of sector
  • Agreed a complete understanding of skill set & calibre of candidate required
  • Relevant industry knowledge to map out where to find these candidates
  • Industry benchmarking to guide on salary levels
  • Researched and relevant short list within 7 days

 The Key Requirements set out by client were:

  • 2 x Solutions Directors (UK Based)
  • 2 X Bid Managers (UK Based)

CCA supported and provided the agreed shortlist of suitable candidates.  CCA exclusively build the Solutions & Bid team over a 3 month period. 

By having this niche knowledge, CCA  were able to deliver a smartly run recruitment process from start to finish whilst ensuring our client has the right calibre of individuals within their business.