The requirement

A FTSE100 Telco/Media organisation were about to commence a restructure of their contact centre leadership team with the hire of a Director of Planning being pivotal to this restructure.

The Director of Planning was required to change the organisations planning behaviour from being a reactive team to driving the customer experience.

Our action

CCA Executive were engaged to deliver a confidential search based on our expertise and network in the area of resource planning. It was agreed only 3 organisations were of comparable scale and complexity to the client.

The incumbent planning leaders in those organisations were passive candidates already within the CCA Executive network. With such a limited candidate pool CCA planned and executed a “courting campaign” to build engagement with the opportunity. This included detailed briefings and gaining true understanding of what would motivate the candidates to move. By creating an opportunity that appealed to these motivations we were able to connect those candidates to the client.

Two of the candidates were selected to progress and an offer was made. As we understood the candidates motivations so closely the successful candidate accepted in spite of losing significant personal income from LTIP’s.